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    Penggunaan Selai Dalam Roti Bakar

    Penggunaan Selai Dalam Roti Bakar

    penggunaan selai dalam roti bakar

    Penggunaan Selai Dalam Roti Bakar

    In serving toast and toppings (jam), we expect that the bread  we use is not too thin.
    Penggunaan Selai Dalam Roti Bakar

    Usually the thickness is around 2Cm-3Cm. When the bread is too thin, then it is flat when we bake it. In order for the bread to not collapse, burn the first 2% for about 5 minutes.

    Furthermore, give butter and burned again. Only then,  we attach the topping or jam to the needs and tastes of the customer. For jam, choose the premium one. The customers like it and have a nice look and taste.

    Give an adequate dose of 30-50 grams. Why should it be 30 grams? Because this is done so that the jam matches the dosage of the bread and gets a balanced portion and taste.

    Thus the information we provide regarding the Use of Jam in Baked Bread may be useful.

    Why is it unique? Because it is innovative and it has breakthrough in partnership.
    As well, it has unique products. Innovative, USP, and breakthroughs are different from the others in the field of toast.
    Furthermore, it has been covered by various newspaper and television media because it has unique products and superior taste. 
    As well, reasonable investment value. Most importantly, balanced partner rights and obligations Besides, the existence of support management team. Furthermore service management and team work. Besides,very prospective business potential besides having a win-win cooperation solution. As well, it has a patent on behalf of “Dapoer Roti Bakar”.Moreover,high quality products and quality National brand development.

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